Bihar Economic Survey 2019-20

The Bihar government presented its 14th Economic Survey 2019-20 in the Assembly. With an average of over 10% growth, Bihar has registered higher growth than the growth rate of India in the last three years. The per capita GSDP (Gross State Domestic Product) of Bihar was ₹47,541 at current prices and ₹33,629 at constant prices. The main growth drivers of the economy in Bihar, which registered a double-digit growth and contributed towards real growth of the overall economy of Bihar during 2018-19, are air transport (36%), other services (20%), trade and repair services (17.6%), road transport (14.0%), and financial services (13.8%). The Survey said that the “fiscal deficit of the State was 2.68% of GSDP, revenue surplus 1.34% of GSDP, and the outstanding public debt liability of the State government was 32.34% of GSDP during the year 2018-19”.