Empowering migrant workers through skill development and livelihood generation: best practices from states and districts

The Covid-19 pandemic brought with it several challenges for India and nations across the world. Even as we set about trying to secure the nation from this disease, the livelihoods of many unorganized and migrant workers were hit. The resilience of its people—the spirit to march ahead even in the face of difficulties—has led India to find opportunities even in times of adversity. In this context, several initiatives were undertaken by states to manage the movements of migrant workers across districts, states and regions. The workers had to be provided with food, shelter and alternative sources of livelihood. It is commendable that several states took swift measures in assisting stranded migrant workers and launching initiatives in the areas of skill-mapping and livelihood generation for those who had come back to their states of origin and other workers in the unorganized sector. This compilation of best practices from across states is a glimpse into the massive and relentless exercise undertaken by various state governments to address grave challenges in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.

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