Madhya Pradesh Municipality (User charges for Water Supply, Sewerage and Solid Waste Management Services) Rules, 2020

The Madhya Pradesh government has proposed a steep hike in user charges for water supply, sewerage and solid waste management services in the urban areas to recover the cost incurred in providing these facilities as its revenue generation continues on the downward trend, according to a state government notification. The government has also proposed a hefty increase in the spot fines for various violations such as spitting or urinating in public places in urban areas depending on the population of the habitat. For instance, Rs 1000 spot fine may be imposed on a person who dumps solid waste, urinates, spits, defecates in open in cities with a population of one million and more. The fine will be less in cities with less than one million population. Similarly, heavy fines will be imposed on dumping of construction materials, non-segregation of solid wastes, interfering in or damaging the water supply system, disposing animal excreta in public etc, the notification said.