DPCC report to the NGT on the use of EC and consent funds, 03/09/2020

  • 03/09/2020

Submission on behalf of the DPCC with respect to the letter of Monitoring Committee of August 24, 2020. The Monitoring Committee for the river Yamuuna had raised issues on the pooling of resources and use of funds in particular the EC and Consent funds, so that it could be used in the utilization of action plans for abatement of pollution in river Yamuna. DPCC stated that EC received was Rs. 52 crores, out of which Rs. 12. 4 crores have already been spent and Rs. 39.6 crores was the balance available.

Considering the huge requirement of funds for the projects to rejuvenate river Yamuna, the surplus amount from the consent fees and unspent EC fund available with DPCC was quite insignificant and any fund diversion from these two heads would not serve any fruitful purpose, the report said.

Note: The DPCC report of September 3, 2020 was uploaded to the NGT site on January 25, 2021.