Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding hazardous waste management, 29/01/2021

  • 29/01/2021

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Rajiv Narayan & Others Vs Union of India & Others dated 29/01/2021.

The matter related to compliance of the Hazardous and Other Waste (Management and Transboundary Movement Rules, 2019 Rules.

The CPCB should assess compensation if the State PCBs/PCCs neglect compliance, the NGT said - which should be recovered and utilized for restoration of the environment, by preparing an action plan to be approved by the Chairman, CPCB. The CPCB could impose compensation, if necessary, on the States/UTs which fail to set up TSDF or make other alternative arrangement for management of hazardous waste as per rules. The CPCB should also notify the contaminated sites, having potential for damage to the environment, in public domain, alongwith damage caused and the studies undertaken.

The NGT also directed the CPCB to ensure that hazardous waste generators/recycles/operators of TSDF follow safety protocols, undertake periodical audits, have onsite and offsite emergency plans to avert accidents and fire and other environmental damage.