Brief written submission on contamination of water sources by the industries in SIPCOT, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, 10/02/2021

  • 10/02/2021

Brief written submissions filed on behalf of the applicants (S. Pugazhendi & Others) dated 10/02/2021.

The matter related to pollution and contamination of water sources by the industries operating in SIPCOT, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. The residents in the SIPCOT Cuddalore have been suffering from hazardous water quality due to chemical contamination along with rapidly falling water tables, caused due to the inadequate and improper infrastructure of the industries operating in this Chemical Industrial Complex. The industrial pollution was affecting 27 villages around the SIPCOT Industrial Area.

The report cited the Joint Inspection report of November 11, 2019 - the ZLD system was not working efficiently and thus not able to treat the effluents in a proper manner. This was the finding with respect to all 10 operational industries which were inspected by the Joint Inspection Team.

The respondents were trying to mislead the NGT by stating that there was not environmental problem in SIPCOT Cuddalore region - the SIPCOT Association in its report has said that there was  no environmental issues at present in SIPCOT Cuddalore area and the applicants were trying to drag in decade old air pollution issues that was completely resolved as on date, with the sole intention to cause prejudice to the industries.