Exploring the nexus between climate change and human rights

Climate change is described as the defining challenge of our generation. It poses direct and indirect threats to food security, human security and global health. This study explores the impact of climate change on the rights to food, security and health within the context of sub-Saharan Africa by analysing data for correlation. To evaluate the relationships, both a global and sub-Saharan African analysis are done. To understand the extent to which people’s rights can be protected from these impacts, this paper also examines existing legal protections that exist to protect people against climate change. Data showed that climate change is correlated with the rights to food, security and health but is not the most significant determinant. The results also reveal interrelations between the rights, with health and food security having the strongest correlation. These findings are significant since it highlights the indivisibility of rights and the importance of a rights-based approach to climate change.