Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding rat hole mining, Meghalaya, 15/03/2021

  • 15/03/2021

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Threat to life arising out of coal mining in south garo hills district Vs State of Meghalaya & Others dated 15/03/2021. The matter related to unscientific rat hole mining in Meghalaya and directions for preventive and remedial action.

The NGT directed that the ownership of the task of compliance of the judgement of the Supreme Court July 03, 2019 with regard to unscientific and unregulated mining, restoring the environment, rehabilitating the victims and handling of illegally mined coal should be taken over by the state authorities, to be overseen by an Oversight Committee of 12 members, headed by Additional Secretary, MoEF&CC.

Its task would be to take forward compliance of judgment of the Supreme Court and further orders of the NGT for preventing unscientific and unregulated mining, handling the already mined material and all other incidental issues. The Tribunal emphasised that the Committee must ensure that no illegal/unauthorized mining takes place, keeping combat plan and mining mishap management plan ready to avoid eventualities. Further, the Committee should take necessary measures for rejuvenating contaminated streams and rivers, the NGT order March 15, 2021 said.