Report on waste management, Panamanna ward, Ottapalam municipality, Palakkad district, Kerala, 31/12/2020

  • 31/12/2020

Report filed by the Environmental Engineer, Kerala State Pollution Control Board, district office, Palakkad as per the National Green Tribunal order, November 27, 2020. The dumping yard of the municipality located in Panamanna ward is not complying with the environmental laws and is a source of pollution. Solid waste is not properly collected from the Panamanna ward is not complying with environmental laws is a source of pollution.

The SPCB conducted inspection, December 18, 2020. The applicant (Sanjeev Vijayan) pointed out several litter spots on the side of the main road passing through the municipality. Plastic carry bags containing solid waste, un-segregated with wet and dry waste materials were found dumped in and around these litter spots. The processing plant of the municipality at Panamanna was inspected and it was found that there was no functional wet waste processing facility. The municipality officials informed the SPCB that there was a proposal to erect and operate decentralized composting plants and this would take care of the wet solid waste.

Note: The report of December 31, 2021 was uploaded to the NGT site, April 12, 2021