Cities, climate and migration: the role of cities at the climate-migration nexus

The compounding effects of climate change will drive migration flows over the coming decades. Migration and climate change both transcend city boundaries and influence not only cities’ but also regional, national and international resilience. City leaders are seeing these transcendental and interrelated forces play out in their cities and taking action. To successfully meet the challenges at the climate-migration nexus and to maximise the opportunities that come from the flows of new talent moving in and out of their boundaries, cities need to be further empowered, supported and involved in collaborative action. Cities must work holistically across government agencies to plan and uphold inclusive climate action, economic development and revitalisation, and just and equitable recovery and resilience-building efforts that are mutually reinforcing and coordinated. This paper concludes with four key points for addressing the climate-migration nexus in cities, inlcuding: More international mechanisms for enforcement; greater recognition of city action; flexible funding and investment opportunities; and looking ahead.