Compliance report on the disposal of untreated effluents into Kharicut canal, Gujarat, 04/06/2021

  • 04/06/2021

Compliance report submitted to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) in the matter of Original Application No. 105/2019 (Ajitsinh Bharubha Vaghela Vs State of Gujarat) by the Urban Development & Urban Housing Department, Gujarat and Gujarat Pollution Control Board.

The matter related to disposal of untreated industrial effluents in Kharicut Canal which is meeting Khari river in Gujarat affecting irrigation facilities of the inhabitants and the only source of water for irrigation and for consumption by animals like cattles and sheep. Also, borewells have been dug in Bheraj, Pinngloj, Navagaon, Lali villages.

The report mentioned that out of the total 169 outlets provided into Kharicut canal, 152 outlets were already sealed and another 9 outlets stopped as per the action plan for the prevention of solid waste disposal into the Kharicut canal. So, currently, 8 outlets are discharging domestic waste into Kharicut canal. Of these, work of sealing is in process for 5 outlets and 3 outlets are having treated wastewater discharge. In order to maintain maximum carrying capacity of Kharicut Canal as well as to prevent damage to the lining of the canal, cleaning, desilting and jungle cutting were carried out in the canal from time to time by the Irrigation Department.

The report informed the Tribunal that the Irrigation  Department, AMC and GPCB have jointly made efforts to stop the flow of domestic sewage in Kharicut canal.