People on the move: strengthening adaptation responses to support human movement in a changing climate

This study contributes to the growing field of human mobility by exploring adaptation responses to climate-related human movement by examining the role of climate variability and change and climate-induced hazards as risk multipliers in the context of human movement; and providing practical recommendations for adaptation strategies to support people to remain in their home communities, prepare for and respond to shocks and improve their own and their communities’ adaptive capacities when and where movement does occur. The risks associated with climate variability and change are increasingly recognized as drivers of both internal migration and displacement. These risks, when played out against a backdrop of limited economic opportunities and poor governance—including uneven or inequitable delivery of services, and inadequate political representation—have the potential to further compromise the resilience of political, economic, social and governance systems. Climate variability and change can likely amplify the drivers of human mobility by influencing the probability, scale and circumstances of the events that drive people to move.

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