Zimbabwe - food security and markets monitoring report, May 2021

The food and nutrition security in the country has improved significantly in tandem with the harvest period and increased household access to food mainly cereals, pulses, vegetables and tubers from own production. However, the quality of diets remains a challenge as most households fail to acquire other nutritional needs required for a diversified diet. According to the HungerMap LIVE remote monitoring (mVAM) system, there was a decrease in the estimated number of people experiencing insufficient food consumption from 5.1 million during the last week of April to 4.5 million by the last week of May, marking a 12% decrease during the reporting period and a 25% decrease from the peak lean season when about 6 million were estimated to have poor or borderline food consumption. The downward trend in the number of people experiencing insufficient food consumption is likely to continue during the post harvest period i.e. June to September and possibly begin to increase again thereafter, peaking during the lean period from October to March 2022.