The projected economic impact of extreme sea-level rise in seven Asian cities in 2030

An estimated US$724 billion in GDP is exposed to the impact of extreme sea-level rise and coastal flooding in seven major cities in Asia by 2030, according to a new report from Greenpeace East Asia. Within this decade, coastal cities in Asia are at high risk from rising sea levels and intensifying storms, impacting our homes, safety and livelihoods. Not only is it long past time to halt the construction of all fossil fuel projects, but governments must implement increased flood control and early warnings. Existing climate commitments, including nationally determined contribution targets, are insufficient to avert the risk of severe coastal flooding. The report estimates that by 2030, 15 million people across the seven cities will live in areas at risk of flooding. The analysis is one of the first of its kind to use high spatial resolution data to suggest the areas of each city that are at risk from floods.

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