Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding dumping of waste in panchayat land, village Nawada Fatehpur, Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana, 15/07/2021

  • 15/07/2021

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Rajender Singh Vs State of Haryana & Others dated 15/07/2021. Grievance in this application is against the illegal dumping of garbage and waste in the Panchayat land in village Nawada Fatehpur, tehsil Manesar, district Gurugram. According to the applicant, unscientific dumping of garbage is affecting the ground water which is the source of drinking water.

A report was filed by a committee comprising Haryana State Pollution Control Board and Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon, April 1, 2021, which informed the court that the villagers of Nawada Fatehpur village were littering and dumping the municipal solid waste at the site of the village pond and notice was issued to the Municipal Corporation, Manesar to immediately clear the pond site by removing the municipal solid waste and also ensure that no such kind of dumping take place in future.

The NGT, July 15, 2021 expressed dissatisfaction at the report and said that it was not clear as to how much was the quantity of the waste, source thereof, information about other sites in the area and in what manner such waste has been disposed of. The court directed the Joint Committee to submit a further report mentioning the manner of disposal of the waste and the arrangements for management of waste in future within two months.