Nepal multidimensional poverty index 2021: analysis towards action

The Multidimensional Poverty Index examines poverty from more than an income perspective – it includes nutrition, child mortality, tears of schooling, housing, and assets. It is an academically validated, transparent and trusted measure of poverty and is globally comparable. The global MPI addresses a key subset of SDG-poverty related indicators, which include the most pressing poverty issues. Nepal opted to produce a National MPI to enable it to compare its national MPI with the level and trends of other countries, which is important in helping to adjust and incentivize Nepal’s own progress. This MPI Report 2021 is based on the Nepal Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey Report (NMICS) 2019. The MPI covers a subset of priorities articulated in the current 15th Plan, Sustainable Development Goals: Status and Roadmap 2016-2030 Report and Constitution of Nepal 2015.