Electric vehicle policy of Assam, 2021

Assam is the latest Indian state to announce an electric vehicle (EV) policy. The Electric Vehicle Policy of Assam, 2021 aims for 25% EV penetration in all vehicle registrations by 2026. Assam has followed Maharashtra, Delhi, and Gujarat, which have earlier launched state-specific EV policies. The policy comes into effect from September 4, 2021, for five years (2026) or until the announcement of a new or revised policy, whichever is earlier. The state will target and support the deployment of the first 200,000 EVs – 100,000 electric two-wheelers (E2Ws); 75,000 electric three-wheelers (E3Ws); and 25,000 electric four-wheelers (E4Ws)- either for individual or commercial use during the five years. The state also aims to convert 100% of its public transport bus fleet to electric buses and convert all government vehicles to EVS by 2030. As per the policy, only EVs would be sold in the state after 2025 as the state intends to phase out all fossil fuel-based commercial and logistics vehicles in all cities by 2030.