In swanky apartment complexes, residents pay more to buy peace

While the residents of plotted colonies have been left to their fate, those living in condominiums are relatively better off. These compact residential blocks mostly have round-the-clock power back-up. But this comes at a price. In swanky apartment complexes like Hamilton Court, Windsor Place and Regency Park-II, residents pays 55 paise more per unit of electricity than what the state-owned DHBVN charges i.e around Rs 4.5 per unit. It is besides the monthly maintenance charge that they have to cough up. So, on an average, each unit of electricity costs about Rs 9 and can even go up to 18 at some places. The generators, with a maximum capacity of 7 MW, normally supply between 3.5 MW and 4 MW daily. They consume about 2,400 litres of diesel everyday. It's the same story at Silver Oaks, another apartment complex.