The Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2021

The Ministry of Coal on October 1, 2021 has issued the Mineral Concession (Amendment) Rules, 2021 to further amend the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960. The amendment in the Mineral Concession Rules, 1960 are as follows: In Rule 2(1)(via) which specifies ““run-of-mine” means the raw, unprocessed or uncrushed material in its natural state obtained after blasting, digging, cutting or scraping from the mineralised zone of a lease area, has been inserted. In Rule 24C which specifies “Period of mining lease granted to Government companies or corporations”, has been inserted. In Rule 27A which specifies “Manner of sale of coal or lignite by the lessee of a captive mine”, has been inserted. In Rule 28 which specifies “Lapsing of Leases”, has been inserted. In Rule 64B which specifies “Charging and instance of payment of royalty in case of minerals subjected to processing”, has been substituted. In Schedule I, Form R which specifies “Annual Return”, has been inserted.

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