Achieving net zero electricity sectors in G7 members

Achieving Net Zero Electricity Sectors in G7 Members is a new report by the International Energy Agency that provides a roadmap to driving down CO2 emissions from electricity generation to net zero by 2035, building on analysis in Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector. The new report was requested by the United Kingdom, under its G7 Presidency, and followed the G7 leaders’ commitment in June 2021 to reach “an overwhelmingly decarbonised” power system in the 2030s and net zero emissions across their economies no later than 2050. Starting from recent progress and the current state of play of electricity in the G7, the report analyses the steps needed to achieve net zero emissions from electricity, and considers the wider implications for energy security, employment and affordability. It identifies key milestones, emerging challenges and opportunities for innovation. The report also underscores how G7 members can foster innovation through international collaboration and, as first movers, lower the cost of technologies for other countries while maintaining electricity security and placing people at the centre of clean energy transitions.

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