Joint inspection report on the encroachment of Yamuna flood plain by Yamuna Mission, Mathura, 14/02/2022

  • 14/02/2022

Joint inspection report in OA No. 326 of 2021 (Behari Lal Chaturvedi Vs Ministry of Jal Shakti & Others).

The matter related to alleged encroachment of Yamuna flood plain by Yamuna Mission, Mathura. It is alleged that in the garb of preserving and cleaning the river Yamuna and undertaking plantation drive, the Yamuna flood plain is being encroached.

The Joint Committee visited the ghats behind Kans Kila, Gau Ghat, Swami Ghat, Dhruv Ghat, Sudarshan Ghat and Mahadev Ghat on the Yamuna river bank, Mathura. It was observed that Yamuna Mission, Mathura has constructed approximately 25-100 meter wide earthen corridor in the Yamuna river stretch. In the corridor, a huge plantation drive has been done by the Yamuna Mission and a lot of barbed wire fencing and small cemented brick wall construction also has been done. Some sewage effluent drains have been diverted during the construction activity and no permission has been taken from any concerned authority in Mathura for these activities. There is no technical feasibility or impact study report available for these activities on the Yamuna river.