Global transboundary e-waste flows monitor 2022

The transboundary movement of e-waste topic has found its way into the public perception via various alarming reports, however, the facts on the quantities and trade routes have not yet been researched at a global level. The Transboundary E-waste Flows Monitor quantified that 5.1 Mt (just below 10 percent of the total amount of global e-waste, 53.6 Mt) crossed country borders in 2019. To better understand the implication of transboundary movement, this study categorizes transboundary movement of e-waste into controlled and uncontrolled movements and also considers both the receiving and sending regions. Of the 5.1 Mt, 1.8 Mt of the transboundary movement is shipped in a controlled manner, and 3.3 Mt of the transboundary movement is shipped in an uncontrolled manner, as used-EEE or e-waste may favour illegal movements and which poses a threat to managing e-waste.