Report by the government of Haryana regarding illegal mining in Dadam, Haryana, 20/8/2022

  • 20/08/2022

Action taken report of the Chief Secretary, Haryana in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order, July 20, 2021.

The matter related to allegations of illegal mining in forest area (non-minable area) in Dadam mines hills, village Dadam. Illegal abstraction of groundwater in Dadam mining area. Unscientific mining in the mining area by the project proponent (M/s Govardhan Mine and Minerals).

The Mines and Geology Department has suspended mining operations as well as despatch of minerals from the Dadam stone mines vide order, May 2, 2022 and the lessee firm was allowed to undertake only rectification work for making the mines safe. Besides a penalty of Rs. 29,64,71,146 was also imposed on account of illegal mining undertaken by Govardhan Mines and Minerals.

As pert report of Haryana Space Applications Centre, Hisar (HARSAC), illegal mining was found in the Aravali plantation area of 1.533 ha instead of 0.8 ha. M/s Sunder Marketing Associated has done illegal mining in 1.241 ha and M/s Govardhan Mines & Minerals has done illegal mining in 0.097 ha area of Aravali plantation.