Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding solid waste management in Ambernath municipal council, Maharashtra, 11/10/2022

  • 11/10/2022

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Western Zone Bench, Pune) in the matter of Shriraj Madhusoodan Pillai Vs Chief Officer of Ambernath Municipal Corporation & Others dated 11/10/2022.

The matter related to solid waste management in Ambernath municipal council. Ambernath Municipal Council has submitted that payment of Rs. 17 lakhs towards the legacy waste management has already been made.

Ambernath Municipal Council, in an additional affidavit, October 10, 2022 has filed in scale map as well as Google map showing the dumping site along with the residential buildings within the area of dumping site (survey no. 132 of Chikhloli). Ambernath Municipal Council maintains that there is no area available for carving out buffer zone as contemplated under the Municipal Solid Waste Rule, 2016.

Initially there was only 20 meters between the dumping area and residential buildings but now the distance has been raised to 80 meters and in short future, the same would be enhanced to around 100 to 120 mtrs from the residential area.  But beyond that, there is no possibility to raise the distance from the residential buildings, since there is also a gaothan area existing at the other side of the plot, who are opposing the dumping site right from the beginning since the year 2002.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPPCB) has stated that a sum of Rs. 17 lakhs has been deposited "but where the same has been deposited, has not been clarified because it was required to be deposited with Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB)". Thus, the court directed Ambernath Municipal Council to give proof of its deposit by the next date (November 22, 2022).