Draft policy for repowering of the wind power projects 2022

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy on 17th October 2022, notified the Draft policy for repowering of the wind power projects. The Ministry had issued ‘Policy for Repowering of the Wind Power Projects’ on 5th August 2016 in order to create a facilitative framework for repowering. However, the majority of old Wind power projects with sub MW scale Wind turbines are yet to be repowered. Therefore, a revised policy has been drafted taking into account representations received from various stakeholders and subsequent deliberations. The objectives of the Repowering Policy are optimum utilization of Wind energy resource by maximizing energy (kWh) yield per of the project area and utilizing the latest state-ofthe art onshore Wind turbine technologies.This policy lays out conditions for developers to go for repowering of their old Wind turbines.