Global climate action 2022: landscape, performance, and potential of international initiatives

The report assessed the potential contributions of 12 international sector initiatives launched around and during COP26 (hereinafter, ‘Glasgow initiatives’) on future greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions. Found that the theoretical coverage of these Glasgow initiatives is large, they cover sectors that could potentially fill approximately 75% of the 14 GtCO2e ‘ambition gap’ in 2030 between the reference NDC scenario and the benchmark 1.5°C scenario. But not all governments have signed up and impact of signatories is quite small because many already have the action included in their NDC: Therefore, a full implementation of the initiatives’ 1.5°C-aligned goals by the current signatories would only lead to about 4 GtCO2e of emission reductions additional to the NDC scenario.