Report on pollution caused due to loading and unloading of cement form a railway good shed, Itarsi, Madhya Pradesh, 03/01/2023

  • 03/01/2023

Joint committee inspection report in the matter of Original Application No. 89/2022 'Rahul Sharma Vs Divisional Railway Manager, Bhopal & Others.

The report was in response to the National Green Tribunal order, 21/11/2022.

The matter related to pollution caused due to the loading and unloading of cement, fertilizer and food grains which was carried out in the open at the railway good shed, Itarsi, Narmadapuram, Madhya Pradesh.

At the time of visit, unloading of racks were in operation and approximately 50-60 number of trucks were engaged within the premises of the good shed. It was observed that lot of dust and fugitive emission was found in the good shed area. Presently, there is not manually or mechanical mechanism to clean and collect the dust spread in the premises.

The report said that at present there is no infrastructure developed by the railways to control air and water pollution generated from the good shed. Also, facilities like toilets and shelter for labourers are also not provided. There is no arrangement for collection of other solid waste generated through loading and unloading. And plantation/green belt has been developed.

The report, January 3, 2023 recommended that the railway management should explore the possibility to shift the present good shed at another location with all the arrangements as per the Central Pollution Control Board guidelines at the earliest. Another recommendation put forward was that the railway management should construct the sewage treatment plant for the treatment of wastewater and reuse of it - which is generated from various activities of the railways.