Draft Electricity (Amendment) Rules, 2023

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has issued the draft Electricity (Amendment) Rules, 2023. In the Electricity Rules 2005, a rule has been proposed to be inserted, where any person or entity – including a government company was functioning as a licensee under the previous Act; and continues to function as a licensee under the provision of section 14 of the Act; and where the duration of the license was not prescribed under the previous Act; in such cases the period of the license shall be 25 years from the date of the coming into force of this Act. Therefore, licensees are required to apply for and obtain, the renewal of their license before the date of expiry of their license. The license shall be renewed for a period of 25 years at a time. Additionally, another rule has been proposed to be inserted dealing with the eligibility for chairperson and members of state electricity regulatory commission/joint electricity regulatory commission. The ministry has sought comments and suggestions on the draft by February 17, 2023.

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