Draft guidelines to promote development of Pump Storage Projects (PSP) in the country

Energy Transition entails an increasing presence of variable & intermittent Renewable Energy Sources (VRES) like solar & wind in the energy mix. This presents a grid-level challenge, that would require incentivization of technologies offering storage & ancillary services attributes. Pumped Storage (PSPS) is a MW scale, domestically available, time tested, and internationally accepted technology available for addressing this requirement of storage and ancillary services. The positive aspects of PSPS are not limited to the attributes of storage and ancillary services, rather PSPs are clean, green, safe, and non-explosive. They don't produce any poisonous/ harmful by-products or pose problems of disposal. Keeping in view the immense utility of the PSPS an grid stabilization as well as meeting the peaking power demand, a need for formulating a separate guideline to promote PSPS was felt to set the direction of its development. Accordingly, this Ministry has come up with draft guidelines on PSPS, which seeks to promote the development of PSPS across the country with proactive support of the State Governments.