Joint committee report on stone quarries and crushers operating in Kizhakkencherry village, Palakkad district, Kerala, 02/03/2023

  • 02/03/2023

Joint committee report in compliance to the National Green Tribunal order dated December 9, 2021 and January 18, 2023 (Original Application No. 304/2019, M Haridasan Vs State of Kerala & Others).

The matter related to stone quarries and crushers operating without requisite safeguards at Kizhakkencherry village, Palakkad district, Kerala.

The NGT, December 9, 2021 had directed the constitution of a seven member joint committee to visit the sites, conduct meetings and study the impact of blasting with "Nonel Detonation technology at distances of 50m, 75m, 100m, 125m, 150m, 200m and 250m".

The study will include the impact caused by vibrations on different soil strata and earth profile in the area and on noise and air levels, on building and human and wildlife. The committee recommended that rock blasting should not be allowed within the radial distance of 150 m from the quarry blasting zone if there exist houses or structures not belonging to the mine owner within this distance. In many of the quarries qualified resident mining engineers were not engaged by the project proponents. During the expert study, mining engineers from other quarries and institutes were in supervisory role during the expert study. Knowledge and expertise on NONEL (Non electric initiation system) blast technology is also lacking, the report added.

Research suggests that the flyrock, noise and vibration generated during blasting with NONEL are found to be minimal as compared to the safety fuse and the electrical methods. It is also observed that NONEL initiation increases blasting efficiency and also optimize the cost of blasting.