A world in crisis, a world in progress: growing better together

Think20 (T20), the official think tank engagement group of the Group of Twenty (G20), was established in 2012 to provide research-based policy recommendations to help G20 countries and partners promote economic resilience and sustainable development. A World in Crisis, a World in Progress: Growing Better Together explores T20’s work and increasing importance. The book highlights the critical role of think tanks as drivers of policy innovation to address pressing global challenges, drawing on insights from key multilateral organizations, and discusses the emergence of T20 as an integral support mechanism of the G20 forum and policy discussions among global leaders. It describes the rising influence of think tanks in Asia and how institutions from the region and beyond have helped guide global responses to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic’s health, socioeconomic, and institutional impacts. It stresses the value of formulating and deploying research that is inclusive and considers broad social and geographic experiences.

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