Reply by the Municipal Council, Banur regarding supply of potable drinking water in Banur, SAS Nagar, Punjab, 07/03/2023

  • 07/03/2023

Reply by the Municipal Council, Banur in Original Application No. 490 of 2022 in the matter of Sunaina Vs State of Punjab & Others.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) had directed Municipal Council Banur, Zirakpur and Rajpura to ensure supply of potable water complying with the parameters as prescribed in IS:10500:2012 to the residents. MC Banur, Zirakpur and Rajpura were asked to identify all the water supply pipelines which are leaking and either replace or provide new water supply lines.

The municipal council, Banur in its report said that there are total 17 tubewells installed in the revenue estate of Nagar Council, Banur out of which 10 tubewells are being maintained by Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board and 7 tubewells are being run by the Nagar Council, Banur at its own.

In compliance with the NGT order, a committee visited the affected water supply locations within the revenue estate of Banur, district SAS Nagar and collected the water samples from different wards and a testing report has already been sent to the Environmental Engineer, Punjab Pollution Control Board, Mohali.

The 7 tubewells which are being maintained and run by the Nagar Council, Banur new chlorine machines have already been installed. The Nagar Council, Banur has issued a letter, November 1, 2022 to Sub Divisional Engineer, Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Zirakpur requesting for provision of potable water to the residents of the area as per the parameters IS 10500 (2012). PWSSB was also asked to replace the pipelines where the same is being leaked.

The matter related to supply of contaminated drinking water to residents of Banur, Zirakpur and Rajpura areas.