Joint committee report regarding construction of road on the bank of Mula river, Pune district, Maharashtra, 13/04/2023

  • 13/04/2023

Report of the joint committee in compliance with the National Green Tribunal order dated January 16, 2023 in the matter of Original Application No. 57/2022 (WZ) Mahesh Kashinath Ranawade Vs the State of Maharashtra & Others.

The matter related to illegal construction of road on the bank of the Mula river which is said to be adversely affecting the agricultural fields of the applicant (Mahesh Kashinath Ranawade) situated at Mouje Nande, taluka Mulshi, district Pune. Further, it was alleged that the constructions are in the blue line of Mula river, where no construction is legally permissible.

The joint committee in its report said that based on the surveys carried out at the area under reference by the Pune Irrigation Department and subsequent superimposition of the same and sanctioned by Water Resource Department, February 7, 2018 the construction of approach road (by murum filling) by M/s Urban Life Ventures lies inside the blue and red line are. The total length of the road constructed inside the blue and red line of Mula river is 321 meters.

Thus, based on the above survey report, it was observed that out of the total length of 401 m approach road constructed parallel to the bank of Mula River, 321 m length of approach road constructed by M/s Urban Life Ventures is inside the blue and red line of Mula river.