Action taken report by the MPPCB regarding brick kilns operating near river Seevan, Sehore district, 23/05/2023

  • 23/05/2023

Action taken report in OA 8/2021 in the matter of Krishna Gopal Bairagi Vs State of Madhya Pradesh & Others dated 23/05/2023.

The report was in response to the National Green Tribunal (Central Zone), Bhopal order March 17, 2023. The court had directed the Madhya Pradesh Pollution Control Board to reply specifically regarding status and details of consent for operation of brick kilns, which are reported to be located near Sivan river.

The demarcation and identification of the land must be taken up by the revenue authorities/Collector in accordance with law so that there should not be any further encroachment. An inspection carried out by the officials of regional office, MPPCB, Bhopal, April 29, 2023 along with the District Collector office, Sehore said that as per the record the brick kilns have not obtained the consent of the SPCB.

Notices have been issued to the operators of brick kilns vide letter dated August 26, 2022 instructing not to operate brick kilns in the catchment of river Seevan near Bijasandham colony. During the inspection of river Seeven near the Vijasandham Colony, 5-6 brick stocks were observed. The rest of the brick kilns have been removed from the site.

The report informed the NGT that the Tehsildar (Town) Sehore vide letter dated March 2, 2023 had provided information of removal of encroachments of brick kilns. The Tehsildar stated that the operation of brick kilns has been completely stopped by the operators. The brick operators have submitted an affidavit before the court mentioning that no new brick manufacturing will be commissioned in the area. 5-6 operators have completely removed the brick kilns from the specified area and the rest of the brick kilns were in the process of removal of bricks from the specified area.