Mapping of climate security adaptations at community level in the Horn of Africa

The study, resulting from evidence and field collected data, aimed at identifying climate-related security risks, better understand how communities are experiencing climate change and at mapping integrated community level climate security solutions. Based on evidence collected from the field, the study explores how communities experience climate change and develop coping mechanisms. It looks at possible climate security solutions and shows how all actors must work together to address these threats, as no single community has the answer. By integrating local approaches into existing early warning systems, this report creates pathways for ongoing solutions that can be replicated and scaled up. This report aims to fill a gap in multidisciplinary programs that are responding to the interlinked nature of climate, peace, and security in the Horn of Africa. UNDP and Life and Peace Institute, working under the UN Climate Security Mechanism, have developed this Mapping of Climate Security Adaptations at Community Level in the Horn of Africa, with a special focus on Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.