Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding cutting of 174 trees by a school, village Ritoli, district Jind, Haryana, 02/08/2023

  • 02/08/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Raj Kumar Vs State of Haryana dated 02/08/2023.

The matter related to cutting of about 174 trees standing over the area of Government Senior Secondary School Ritoli, Block Pilloo Khera, District Jind, Haryana. According to the applicant, the principal of the school got about 174 trees cut and sold in violation of the norms in the name of "preparing playground for the students without any resolution by Gram Panchayat, without constituting committee and without publishing information in the newspapers regarding auction of the trees and caused damage to environment".

The court was of the opinion that the grievances made in the letter petition need to be factually verified and remedial action is required to be taken on the basis. Accordingly, the tribunal directed the Director, Directorate of Secondary Education, Haryana to verify the factual position, look into the grievances of the applicant and take remedial action including compensatory afforestation within the premises of the above said school in accordance with law by following due process. A factual and action taken report has to be submitted by the Director, Directorate of Secondary Education, Haryana within two months.