National strategy for electrification of public transport in Nepal

Nepal, as a signatory of the Paris Agreement, filed its second Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) in 2020. The NDC set a target for the adaptation of electric vehicles in the country’s public transport sector. Specifically, the goal is to have 20% of four-wheeler public vehicles sold in 2025 to be electric, with the share progressively growing to 60% by 2030. Additionally, the plan aims to develop 200 km of the electric rail network by 2030. Apart from the Paris Agreement commitments, Nepal is an active member of several coalitions that advocate against climate change and promote sustainable transport development. Several national policy documents also broadly support the adoption of electric vehicles in the public transport sector. This strategy document is outcome of review of existing policies and practices and consultation with electric mobility stakeholders in Nepal. This National Strategy for Electrification of Public Transport in Nepal highlights the state of the public transport ecosystem, identifies the barriers to transition to electric public transport in Nepal, and recommends strategic actions to overcome these barriers.