Africa environment outlook for business

Africa, a continent of immense diversity and untapped potential, stands at a crucial crossroads in its pursuit of sustainable development. It grapples with formidable environmental challenges, encapsulated in the ‘Triple Planetary Crisis’ of biodiversity loss, climate change and pollution. Yet, within these challenges lie boundless opportunities for transformative and ecologically friendly business ventures that could drive economic growth and foster regional environmental stewardship and social progress. This edition of Africa Environment Outlook (AEO) for Business sheds light on sustainable business opportunities that address the Triple Planetary Crisis. It places a particular focus on circularity, a model that embraces sustainable consumption and production, providing solutions that simultaneously tackle each of the three crises while also supporting social inclusiveness and contributing to economic prosperity. Through the lens of success stories and best practices, it aims to inspire entrepreneurs and businesses to embrace ecologically sound and disruptive innovations that will shape Africa’s sustainable development trajectory by and beyond 2030.

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