India ageing report 2023: caring for our elders - institutional responses

The India ageing report 2023  sheds light on the challenges, opportunities and institutional responses surrounding elderly care in India, as India navigates a demographic shift towards an ageing population.

The report sheds the light on current population ageing scenario and the demographic, and socio-economic status of the elderly population. It dissects India’s policies, various institutional mechanisms that are available for addressing the needs of the elderly, and highlights community efforts, and examines corporate social responsibility initiatives. The analysis is based on the latest data from the Longitudinal Ageing Survey in India (LASI) 2017-2018 and presents the reach and utilization of social security schemes, access to programmes for older persons with disabilities and access to healthcare facilities and health insurance by older persons. The report also takes a closer look at the challenges faced by older individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic and draws valuable lessons from our collective care efforts.