Order of the National Green Tribunal regarding non-functioning of the sewage treatment plant (STP) Kondli, Delhi, 30/10/2023

  • 30/10/2023

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Rajesh Kumar Dokwal Vs Govt of NCT of Delhi dated 30/10/2023.

The matter related to non-functioning of the sewage treatment plant (STP) at New Kondli, Mayur Vihar, Phase-3 which was emitting poisonous gases creating air pollution, causing serious health hazard to the local residents. The action taken report on behalf of the DPCC has been filed mentioning that the STPs in Kondli Phase I and Kondli Phase III are meeting the standards prescribed by DPCC and Kondli Phase II was under stabilization and Kondli Phase IV was not meeting the standards.

A perusal of the report reveals that even in respect of STP in Kondli Phase I, the commissioning of 2 sludge digesters and 2 gas holder plants is yet to be done and on-line monitoring system (OLMS) at the outlet was found installed but not in operational condition. In respect of Kondli Phase II and III, 4 chlorination tanks were found to be under construction and 5 sludge digesters and 2 gas holders plants were found to be completed but not commissioned and sludge after sludge thickener unit was being directly transferred to sludge drying beds as centrifuge unit and gas generation units were under construction. In respect of Kondli Phase II and III, it is also found that OLMS was not installed for phase II. In respect of Kondli Phase IV, the finding is that the plant has total capacity of 45 MGD and only half of this capacity is being treated and rest is being by-passed as the plant is under rehabilitation and OLMS at the outlet was not found to be installed.

Paragraph 10 of the status report mentions that the samples were collected from STP at Kondli Phase I, II and IV but it further states that STP at Kondli Phase I and III were meeting the prescribed standards. It is surprising when no sample was taken from Phase III, how it was found to be meeting standards, the NGT pointed out. 

The NGT, directed the DPCC and DJB to file fresh reports after taking inlet and outlet sample of STPs at all the four Phases of Kondli within four weeks and listed the matter for January 15, 2024.