Additional reply by Varanasi Development Authority on the setting up of a Tent City on the riverbed of Ganga, Varanasi, 29/11/2023

  • 29/11/2023

Additional reply by Varanasi Development Authority, Uttar Pradesh in the matter of Tushar Goswami Vs Union of India & Others dated 29/11/2023.

The matter related to setting up of a Tent City project in the riverbed of Ganga at Varanasi in 100 acres for commercial purpose to the detriment of flora and fauna which also resulted in untreated sewage being discharged directly into river Ganga. It has been further alleged that the project also violates provisions of the 'River Ganga (Rejuvenation, Protection and Management) Authorities Order, 2016. Varanasi Development Authority said that the project does not harm the environment or cause pollution in river Ganga nor violates environmental norms. The Tent City has been developed on 13.5 hectares of land and not 100 acres of land.

No sewage is being discharged into river Ganga. Proper arrangements have been made to ensure disposal of sewage and municipal solid waste in accordance with law. Varanasi Development Authority assured that in future the tent city will be set up beyond 100 meters from the flow of water. The present tent city was established at a distance of 60 meters from the flow of water.

The webpage of PRAVEG mentions that "Tent City Varanasi is the only luxurious tented resort, beautifully located right on the banks of holy Ganga River offering panoramic views of the serene ghats, temples and historic palaces with steps".