Transforming child nutrition: state-level approaches and practices for community-based comprehensive care and management of acute malnutrition

Community-based management of acute malnutrition uses key strategies such as community mobilization and awareness, regular screening and identification of children, use of nutrient dense food, medical management, health, and nutritional counselling, regular follow-ups of children, regular monitoring and reporting, engagement of multiple stakeholders, timely capacity building of health workers with special focus on low-birth-weight babies. Intensification of the above-mentioned strategies and building strong linkages among different stakeholders are crucial to ensure that beneficiaries receive a comprehensive package of services essential for the prevention and management of malnutrition. The report "Transforming Child Nutrition: State-Level Approaches and Practices for Community-Based Comprehensive Care and Management of Acute Malnutrition" provides valuable insights drawn from different States for enhancing program coverage and achieving better outcomes by State governments.