The National Food Security (Amendment) Bill, 2024

The Rajya Sabha on February 02, 2024, issued the National Food Security (Amendment) Bill, 2024 to amend the National Food Security Act, 2013. The following has been stated: In section 4 which is about Nutritional support to pregnant women and lactating mothers, in sub-section (a), after the words "nutritional standards'', the words ", with specific focus on micronutrients required during pregnancy and lactation", shall be inserted. In section 6 which is about the Prevention and management of child malnutrition, after the words "nutritional standards", the words", with a specific focus on required micronutrients", shall be inserted. In section 31 which is about Steps to further advance food and nutritional security, after the words "Schedule III", the words "ensure the delivery of micronutrient-rich food and supplements, so as to meet the nutritional standards specified in Schedule II, to remote, hilly and tribal areas", shall be inserted.