Revocation of actions under stage I ('Poor' Air quality, AQI: 201-300) of GRAP

The Commission for Air Quality Management in National Capital Region and Adjoining Areas (CAQM) on February 27, 2024, issued an order regarding the Revocation of actions under stage I ('Poor' Air quality, AQI: 201-300 of GRAP. The sub-committee in its meeting held on February 27, 2024, further reviewed the air quality scenario in the region as well as the IMD/IITM forecasts for meteorological conditions and air quality index of Delhi and observed as under: "The average AQI of Delhi has improved considerably during the last few days and is in the "Moderate" category with an AQI of less than 200 consistently since February 22, 2024 onwards. The forecast by IMD/IITM also predicts the AQI levels to be in the "Moderate category" in the coming days". The sub-committee, accordingly, hereby decides to revoke the order, issued on October 06, 2023, for actions under Stage I of the GRAP with immediate effect. In this context, all the agencies concerned are also required to take note of various actions and the targeted timelines as envisaged in the comprehensive policy issued by the Commission to curb air pollution in the NCR and take appropriate actions accordingly in the field.