Financing the fight against poverty and hunger: mobilising resources for a sustainable development goal reset

The world’s governments are falling far short of the pledges they made in 2015 to eradicate extreme poverty and create a world with “zero hunger” by 2030 – the first and second Sustainable Development Goals. Behind the raw numbers of the SDG data, millions of people are living with avoidable poverty and preventable hunger. In response, the Brazilian Presidency of the G20 has proposed a Global Hunger and Poverty Alliance to galvanise change. This ODI report, prepared at the request of the G20 Presidency, highlights the potential for more rapid progress. It focuses on the international financing landscape for supporting SDGs 1 and 2 in low-income countries (LICs) and lower-middle-income countries (LMICs). These countries account for the bulk of extreme poverty and hunger – and a large (and rising) share of the SDG delivery shortfall.