Organic cotton

  • 14/05/2001

Organic cotton Cotton, grown on just five per cent of Indian agricultural land, consumes more than 50 per cent of the total pesticides used in India. Cotton gowers rely heavily on pesticides to control insects, diseases weeds and growth regulators. The intensive use of pesticides endangers human health as well as soil health, agro-ecology, leads to reduced profits for the farmers and creates an avoidable monoculture. Organic cotton is the solution. Organic cotton is cotton grown without the use of synthetic fertilisers, perstcides or defoliants. Besides, organic cotton commands greater respect in the global market today

Indian cotton
India is the third largest producer of cotton
Percentage of agricultural land under cotton production in India:
5 per cent (8.9 milion hectares)

Percentage of total pesticide used for cotton cultivation: 54 per cent
Cottons makes for 70 per cent of the textile sector's raw material

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