The big splurge

  • 30/12/1994

March 29, 1985
The Indian Parliament passes the Bhopal Gas Disaster (Processing of Claims) Act, 1985, holding the government of India as the sole representative of the Bhopal victims

June 28, 1985
India files a complaint before the US District Judge Keenan for US$ 3 billion as compensation

India agrees to move the case from the US to India

September 9, 1986
The government of India files a suit against the Union Carbide Corporation in the court of the district judge, Bhopal, claiming US$ 3 billion as compensation

December 20, 1986
In a verdict on the Shriram oleum leak case, Justice P N Bhagwati of the Supreme Court lays down the principle that compensation should be related to the magnitude and capacity of the enterprise so that it has a deterrent effect. It also holds the enterprise absolutely responsible regarding compensation

February 14, 1989
The Supreme Court mediates an out-of-court settlement of US$ 470 million. This judgement, delivered by Justice Ranganath Mishra, retrogrades by not considering the principle of absolute liability as legally binding

January 22, 1991
The Public Insurance Act makes it mandatory for all hazardous industries to insure to meet the cost of compensation in the event of an accident

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