Needed: people

 Needed: people as populations in developing countries continue to grow straining inadequate resources, another part of the world is facing a different problem. Russia's population is falling relentlessly, giving rise to fears of a demographic disaster in the making.

A study conducted recently by the Population Research Service ( prs ), a us demographic research firm, predicted that Russia's population will drop by 25 million over the next 30 years if the present birth and death rates continue.

Despite its enormous area of more than 17 million sq km, Russia's population stands at a meagre 147 million, a little more than that of Pakistan. prs says the population will fall to 123 million by 2030. Russia's birth rate fell from 17 births per 1,000 in 1985, to 9 in 1996. In comparison, birth rate is 15 in the us and 28 in India.

"Russia is losing its main state asset

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