Cooling too soon

The upper layers of the atmosphere are getting cooler, and ironically, the greenhouse effect is being blamed. The Mesosphere, the atmospheric layer between 50 to 90 km of the atmosphere, has been cooling one degree annually for the last 30 years. This is much faster than expected.

Researchers say that an accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, can even create an Arctic ozone hole. The accumulation of these gases in the troposphere traps the heat radiated by the earth's surface. Even the warm air rising from the troposphere loses buoyancy at the lower portion of the stratosphere, because the ozone in this region can absorb solar heat directly making the temperature similar to that of the upward air. Thus the warm air cannot reach the upper parts of the stratosphere.

The ozone hole threat to the Arctic is due to the fact that temperatures are dropping. In this way it can reach the same temperature as the Antarctic stratospheric clouds (-80

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