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  • Pulling rank

    23 minutes in the day of a traffic inspector It is 2

  • Defining moment

    It is still a draft. Surely it can be re-oriented? There is no doubt that India needs a definition of

  • Bending rules

    How Vedanta's refinery came up How did Vedanta complete its refinery on schedule amid this fuss? With a little bit of help from the Orissa government and moef, it seems. Despite

  • Under seige

    Two-wheeler makers in denial mode? The Tatas' Rs 1 lakh car has sent out disturbing signals for the two-wheeler industry. A recent survey carried out by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and

  • Contract killers

    Outsourcing polluting processes is common in pharmaceuticals, a fact admitted by both industry and regulators. M Narayana Reddy, president of Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA) and owner of Virchow Chemicals, says outsourcing keeps profit margins high. "We at Virchow do not outsource. My profit is a third of what others earn by outsourcing polluting processes,' he adds.

  • Now what?

    Government must facilitate, not control The experiences of Sukhomajri and Bunga have a lesson: given the right conditions, external and internal, villages can be self-sustaining. But their inherent

  • Test ban

    Beijing tested its vehicle-control policies for the Olympics from August 17 to 20, 2007, when private cars with even-numbered and odd-numbered licence plates were told to stay off the roads on

  • Managing railway waste

    Managing railway waste

    The Indian Railways is the second largest railway network in Asia. It is the biggest public sector enterprise in India and connects the entire country. It is unfortunate that such a huge establishment does not have a specific policy vis-a-vis the environm

  • In Court

    Asbestos crimes: In an exemplary verdict in the US, seven present and former executives of WR Grace & Company, an asbestos firm, were recently indicted for a 26-year conspiracy. They were charged

  • Ready to dig

    Ready to dig

    Polluting natural gas projects are apparently not the only threat to Alaska's environment. On June 29, 2005, the us Environmental Protection Agency (epa) gave a final go ahead to a large gold

  • President draws flak

    President draws flak

    Peru's president Alejandro Toledo recently stirred a heated debate on environment versus economy by rejecting a new General Law on the Environment for the country, which had been approved by the

  • The rising

    The rising

    In a loss of face for the Bush administration, nine us states have decided to introduce mandatory greenhouse gas emission controls in the country's first-of-its-kind regional agreement.

  • Sustainable soccer

    Sustainable soccer

    The fifa F ootball World Cup 2006 in Germany is set to go green with the Green Goal Initiative (ggi), a project of the event's organising committee. ggi seeks to reduce the sport's environmental

  • South Asia

    Averse to law: The Afghanistan government, along with the UN, has rejected a call of experts to legalise cultivation of opium crops in the country. Eighty seven per cent of the world's opium is

  • Also on the anvil

    The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the major funding agency for vaccines for dengue

  • School for scandal

    School for scandal

    Nidhi Jamwal speaks to K Jagannath, ex chair of the Bellandur panchayat

  • Snippets

    • Italy has been given a final warning by the European Commission for not implementing two rulings of the European Court of Justice on waste landfills. • The Malaysian state of Terengganu

  • Amlikuntla village

    Amlikuntla village

    Kosgi <i>mandal</i>, Mahbubnagar district

  • Doomsday vault in Arctic to save crop diversity

    Doomsday vault in Arctic to save crop diversity

    A doomsday vault is being built in the Arctic. Scientists expect the project will safeguard crop diversity in the event of a global catastrophe. Located on the remote Svalbard Island, roughly

  • Tsunami hits again

    Tsunami hits again

    A tsunami has once again hit the Java islands of Indonesia. Four-metre high waves, which crashed into the western and central-southern coast of the islands on July 17, were triggered by a series of

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